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Songs Written by Willie Nelson

Welcome to this Songs Written by Willie Nelson page where below you'll find a list of songs written exclusively by Willie Nelson ... and as you'll see there are plenty.

Songs Written By Willie Nelson

A few Willie Nelson songs are known worldwide, and for good reason. Artists who were already stars recorded some of Willie's songs which gave a big boost to his career. The 77 yr old performer has been entertaining audiences since he was a young boy growing up in Abbott Texas.

Today Willie had probably recorded in more new genres such as reggae, blues, jazz, folk, country and popular music than any other artist.

Below is a list of songs written by Willie Nelson. Im sure this is not a complete list, but I'll add to it over time. It should be no surprise that it was because of Willie's song writing ability that got him his start in country music when he penned the classic "Crazy", which was recorded by the late Patsy Cline.

Songs Written By Willie Nelson 1-25

1. Always Now
2. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
3. Annie
4. Are You Sure
5. Back To Earth
6. Bandera
7. Bloody Mary Morning
8. Both Ends Of The Candle
9. Crazy (recorded by Patsy Cline)
10. Cry (co-written)
11. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth
12. Devil In A Sleeping Bag - (.mp3 unavailable)
13. Everywhere I Go
14. Famliy Bible
15. Forgiving You Was Easy
16. Funny How Time Slips Away (recorded by Billy Walker)
17. Good Hearted Woman (co-written with Waylon)
18. Half A Man
19. Healing Hands Of Time
20. Hello Walls (recorded by Faron Young)
21. Home Motel
22. How Will I Know I'm Falling In Love Again
23. I Guess I've Come To Live Here In Your Eyes
24. I Just Can't Let You Say Good-Bye
25. I Never Cared For You

Songs Written By Willie Nelson 26-50

26. I've Already Cheated On You
27. I've Loved You All Over The World
28. I'm So Ashamed
29. It Should Be Easier Now
30. Little Old Fashioned Karma
31. Little Things
32. Local Memory
33. Me And Paul
34. Mr. Record Man
35. Mountain Dew
36. My Own Peculiar Way
37. Night Life (recorded by Ray Price)
38. On The Road Again
39. Over You Again (co-written)
40. Permanently Lonely
41. Pretty Paper (recorded by Roy Orbison)
42. Sad Songs And Waltzes
43. Save Your Tears
44. She's Not For You
45. Shotgun Willie
46. Sister's Comin' Home
47. Slow Down Old World
48. So Much To Do
49. Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
50. Texas

Songs Written By Willie Nelson 51-62

51. The Party's Over
52. There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone
53. Three Days
54. Two Stories Wide
55. Under The Double Eagle
56. Walkin
57. Willie's After Hours (co-written)
58. Within Your Crowd
59. Why Are You Pickin' On Me
60. Why Do I Have To Choose
61. Yesterday's Wine (recorded by Merle and George Jones)
62. You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore
63. You Wouldn't Cross The Street (To Say Goodbye)

If you know of any other songs written by Willie Nelson, let me know thru the contact form in the menu and I'll add them to this list. If your interested in learning a few Willie songs on the acoustic, check out the demos at the link below.

Visit the official site for Willie Nelson here

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