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Welcome To Learn Classic Rock Songs

Hello and welcome to my website here at Learn Classic Rock Songs where you will find more than 1200 tutorials covering classic rock, country, blues, vegas, bluegrass, drinking tunes and much more ... along with many free lessons and videos to help you improve your techniques in rhythm.

Kirby's Daily Freebie
Sun 20th Apr 2014

All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers

This site has a classic rock directory and a country directory. You'll find all artists listed near the top of each of those two pages. Click on the artist and you'll jump down the page. Use the "Back To Top" buttons or simply scroll the page to find an artist and the preview the tutorials I have available.

"Lyrics & Chords" are listed in both directories where you can access a free downloadable .pdf for that song where available. I have many listed in both directories but not all pages are available as yet, but they are on the way.

And as always, your feedback is valuable as I evaluate the best suggestions to incorporate into the development of this website.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your tutorials. I have learned so many new things about rhythm playing.

You did a really nice job on the bass runs. I'll start working on it and get it ready to play for my gf.

I have been practicing your lessons on bass note strumming and all of your chord changing runs. I am very thankful to you, you have already helped me tremendously.

I am a guitar teacher here in Birmingham Alabama. I'm always looking for teaching material. I think I've a found a gold mine!

Thank you very much for the great lesson. It is perfect, and more than I expected for this price. Thank you for showing the different rhythm versions and different chord positions at the fretboard. I am very satisfied.

Thank you! Loved your arrangement on all of my requests, especially "Cry Myself To Sleep" by The Judds. Seen a lot of covers on YouTube but no one came close to the original song as you did.