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The Johnny Cash Home
And The Loss Of An American Shrine

Johnny Cash Home Living Room

The Johnny Cash home where Johnny Cash and June Carter lived until both of their deaths in 2003. It was was located in Hendersonville, Tenn. which is approx 20 miles NE on the outskirts of Nashville.

Origins Of The
Johnny Cash House

This Johnny Cash house sat on 4.6 acres and was located at 200 Caudill Dr. Roy Orbison lived nearby but his property was puchased later by Marty Stewart.

At the foot of the property leading up to the main house was a small security building where Johnny and June often greeted tourists to Nashville.

There was a pool to the left of the home that had a Bell Garden. June had roses out there which she enjoyed.

Braxton Dixon built the home for his family in 1967, but when Johnny saw the location and the round rooms, he wanted it for him and June. Dixon didn't want to sell, but Johnny was persistent. There were 7 bedrooms and 5 baths in the 13,000+ sq foot home. Johnny and June lived there from 1968 until 2003.Tommy Cash.

The materials used in the construction was stone, wood, marble and even old barn wood. Tommy Cash stated that there was no real blueprint during construction as far as he knew. Dixon just had an image in his mind and worked from that.

Some Favorite Rooms within The Home Of Johnny Cash<

Johnny's favorite room was one of the 4 round rooms that overlooked Old Hickory Lake. They held many family parties in that room, including Christmas, and Johnny had written many songs in that room. The video Hurt was done in this room also.

Johnny Cash Home Living Room

Johnny's brother Tommy Cash said that Brooks and Dunn, Bob Dylan, Billy Graham and others were entertained in that room.

And in the room above, known as the orange room, was where the guests stayed. Johnny had a great view of the lake from that room and spent many hrs in that room also.

In 2003, because of Johnny's failing health, he had an elevator installed from the downstairs master bedroom leading up to the main 20' x 27' family room. The kitchen in behind this large room was 12' x 24'.

The Johnny Cash Home Sold

Johnny Cash Home Barry Gibb

In early 2006, the Cash home was sold for $2.3 million from the listing price of $2.7 million. The buyer was Barry Gibbs from the Bee Gees.

Barry and wife Linda had planned to restore the home to it original condition. When they purchased the home it came with 7 piece of original furniture, including Johnny and Junes bed.

The Johnny Cash Home Destroyed

Unfortunately, the Gibbs never got to fullfill their original plans. The Johnny Cash house was being renovated and was 99% complete when an ignition source downstairs set of a blaze which quickly engulfed the home.

There were 14 construction workers on the property and they were hoping to get the Gibbs in the home by July 4th 2007. The workers were well ahead of schedule. But the home was treated inside and out with a flammable wood preservative ... which sounds a bit strange to me.

Fire investigators said that whatever was the cause, it was accidental. Gibbs has since announced that he would be building a new home on higher ground surrounding the original home. A sad part of the Johnny Cash biography for sure.

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