Bon Jovi Band

The Bon Jovi Band is what you'll learn about on this page. I want to share with you some cool facts about the members of Bon Jovi that you may or may not have known. As they say, everyone has a history and a story that brings them to their present.

Bon Jovi started out with Jon Bon Jovi as lead vocalist and guitar/piano, Richie Sambora as the lead guitarist, David Bryan was the bands keyboardist, Tico Torres on drums and Alec John Such on Bass guitar. That was the initial lineup when they were formed back in 1983.

Both Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora launched solo careers from 1990-1992, but then re-united as a team and have remained together as a united force in rock music ever since. Together as songwriters, they were also inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2009. You can find the Bon Jovi Discography here.

Bon Jovi Band member - Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Band member Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi was playing in his first band at 13 and met David Bryan when he was 16. Jon played in bars as a minor and was part of a 12 pc cover band with Bryan. He was a womans shoe salesman after getting out of high school in 1982.

He had used some studio musicians to help him record a song in his cousins studio called Runaway, which eventually got local airplay on the radio. So I guess technically we could say this was one of the first Bon Jovi songs to hit radio.

His dad was a marine and his mom was a one time playboy bunny. He also has two brothers, Anthony and Matthew. He attended Sayreville War Memorial School in Parlin New Jersey, but he wasn't the best academic student by no means.

He eventually married his high school sweetheart on April 29th 1989 and together they have four children ranging in ages from 16 (his only daughter) all the way down to the three boys ages 14, 7 and the youngest at 5.

In 1991 Bon Jovi fired his mamagement, musical advisors, his business advisors .. all gone! He was taking full control of the future direction of Bon Jovi. The members spent time in the Caribbean, aired their differences, and re-united in 1992 and never looked back.

Bon Jovi has been involved in many charitable ventures ... building home for the homeless in New Jersey, and acting in several films, appearing on American Idol and even supporting democrat John Kerry. You can read more on Jon Bon Jovi here.

And of course the band is just wrapping up a 2010 tour. You can get Bon Jovi Concerts on DVD here.

Bon Jovi Band member - Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi Band member Richie Sambora

Before joing Bon Jovi, Sambora played with the Joe Cocker band and even auditioned for the rock bands KISS and Poison. But way back when he was just 12, the dearh of Jimi Hendrix influenced him to start playing guitar. He enjoyed playing Spanish classic guitar as well as blues guitar.

Sambora has had his share of misery with a failed marriage to actress Heather Locklear to whom they have a 15 yr old daughter. His father has passed away from lung cancer shortly after the divorce in 2006 and with taking pain killers for an old shoulder injury and alcohol, everything was taking its toll. He checked into rehab and has since cleaned up the problems.

Richie also has an extensive collection of more than 120 guitars ... I own 2 ... hummmm! He also plays 13 other instruments besides guitar, including banjo, sitar, sax and others.

Like Bon Jovi, Sambora is a giver back to the community giving much financial support to numerous charties to help the less fortunate. You can read more about Richie Sambora here.

Bon Jovi Band member - David Bryan/

Bon Jovi Band member David Bryan

As mentioned earlier, David and Bon Jovi were musicians together from the start. He came on board full time when Bon Jovi secured a recording contract and called David to join the band. David dropped his pursuit of Pre-Med at Rutgers University and never looked back.

He was playing piano and trumpet at age 7, so music was part of his background very early on. He changed his name to include his first and middle name only. Like Sambora, David has also gone thru a divorce from his former wife of 14 years and has 3 children, two 15 yr old twins (boy,girl) and a 9 yr old daughter.

You can read more about David Bryan here.

Bon Jovi Band member - Tico Torres

Bon Jovi Band member Tico Torres

Ticco is also from New Jersey and before joining Bon Jovi, already had much experience in the recording studio having recorded 26 albums with Alice Cooper, Cher, Chuck Berry and others.

Tico is also an avid painter and also has a line items for small children including strollers, furniture, clothing and more. Tico also has seen divorce, twice, and is now married to his 3rd wife with whom they have a 5 yr old son.

You can read more about Tico Torres here.

Bon Jovi Band member - Alec John Such and Hugh McDonald

Alec John Such had played with Bon Jovi right up until 1994. His departure from the group is not really clear. Speculation has been that he was asked to leave because of subpar performances onstage and in the studio .. but who really knows for sure? Hugh McDonald has filled in but Alec has not been officially replaced, so McDonald is not an actual full fledged member of Bon Jovi.

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