The Oak Ridge Boys Songs

On this Oak Ridge Boys songs page you'll find two tutorials that are available so far. There are also a chord sheets with lyrics for Beautiful You and Ozark Mountain Jubilee download. The demos for these two songs are below.

Well it would take a lot of writing to explain the beginnings of The Oak Ridge Boys, which actually had it's start back in the 1947. No that is not a typo. William Lee Golden joined in 1965, Duane Allen in 1966, Richard Sterban in 1973 and Jon Bonsall in 1973. Golden was voted out of the group in 1987 but returned in 1995.

This group has one many awards over the years including 5 Grammys. I'm not 100%, but 1947-2017 is nearly 70's in existance. That must be a record for the longest running group in country music.

Free Chord Sheet Free Chord Sheet

The Full Lesson Is 15:25

The Full Lesson Is 11:07

A little known fact about Richard Sterban, the bass singer, is that he sang with J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet, who used to back up Elvis. He sang with Elvis and tells a great story in his book about some of the pranks Elvis would pull on the group. Follow The Oak Ridge Boys here.

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