Kirby's Testimonials

Here are some actual emails I've received from folks who approved of how I tackle songs and get the point across in my method of teaching. Keep in mind my tutorials assume you already can play guitar at least a little. Refresh some skills on my free stuff page here ... more testimonials soon.

Dear Kirby,
Thank you very much for the tutorial (Motorhead 1916). You covered this song greater than I expected.
Best regards.
Gintautas, Germany

Thank you! You're a star! I did use the link from the table so at least I know im not going mad now ha ha! Im glad i could be of some help too! To be fair i wouldnt of minded if i had 19 tutorials for my money because they are brilliant! I've got 60 now and only learnt about 6 of them lol but keep getting razzle-dazzled by another tutorial so keep up the good work dude :-) happy !

Hi Kirby,
Just like to say your tuition videos are excellent and your guitar skills are fantastic I will be using your website as I've tried a lot of other website tutors that get caught up being to technical with no real results.
Hughie from Scotland

Thx again Kirby. I could easily print the sheet music from online but no one puts the fills in and enriches the music like you do. I really enjoy your transcriptions and am glad to have found your service. Pls use this as a testimonial if you wish.
Dr. Kiriakatis
Union, NJ USA

Thanks For the prompt reply Kirby and for the info--makes sense. Your a great instructor and make learning new stuff interesting and fun. Don't know where you find the time to do all that you do on the site and find time to sleep. I make leather products for a living and never get the time to run a proper website.

All the best - enjoy your videos and will be downloading a bunch in the near future. Keep up the great work--yours is one of the finest instruction sites I have seen. I subscribe to another site for guitar instruction and between his site and yours I will need to live to be a hundred to take advantage of all the knowledge both of you have on the web. wish this was available when I was a kid, easy way to learn.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just watched the free daily lesson July 8, 2014 and I have to say if the other "paid" for lessons are as good I'll be ordering some lessons real soon. I guess my concerns were centered around the different chords you use and how to "make" them. The "G" chord in this lesson for instance, was something I have never used and I've been playing on and off for 40 years.

Lost my job after a battle with throat cancer 5 years ago and my guitar became my friend again. I've always been just a strummer but a year and a half ago I learned how to Travis pick specifically for songs like "hello in there". Just watched your short video on that one and I could tell the song touched you as much as it did me. I had a hard time in the beginning getting through that one without breaking down.

You talked about your new guitar and I have always had guitars that cost less than $500. My wife just bought me a Taylor 416ce. I'm astounded by the sound and play-ability of this guitar and if I lived near you You could play it ALL you wanted to, every day. You are amazing to me. Thank you so much for the inspiration I get from watching you play and sing everyday.
Sincerely, Dan

Your instruction and videos are worth EVERY penny and more. I was a finger picker before I started using your videos. You have taught me so much about guitar (and I've been playing for 40+ years). I get compliments from people during my gigs about my picking and lead work inside the songs and I just say, "Thank Kirby." I know how much work goes into figuring out these songs, getting them just right and then doing these fantastic videos, and I truly appreciate them.

Hi Kirby, Just viewed the video you made for my request of Windows Are Rolled Down by Amos Lee. This is the first of three requests made, and I am very happy. Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next two, and I will certainly be taking advantage of this learning process in the future. Great Value and Great job.

Hi, Kirby!
My name is Igor. I'm 16. I'm from Ukraine, from the city of Mariupol (near the Sea of ??Azov) ... I really like your covers of classic rock or rock-n-roll songs))) Eighteen months ago, I also began to play the guitar! First studied with a teacher, but then because of lack of money had to go there!! Yet I can not stop to do, and believe that I will still be good or even great guitarist! Your covers me in this very helpful! Thank you! By the way, my favorite singer - Buddy Holly!))

Hi Kirby. Thank You for my request "You Win Again" It's Excellent and Exceptional, right on the money. Thank You.

Kirby… I think you’re having too much fun. :)
I’m sure enjoying your lessons & your web site. I’m telling everyone… even if they don’t play. I enjoy just watching the demos. For the first time I feel I’m making some progress… being able to play something that sounds like it should.

You are the best:) Thank you soooo much for giving us average guitar players a means of displaying our passion for the art. I have purchased around 200 lessons from you (this is not a plea for freebies) and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you do. Thanks and Thanks again. Sincerely,
Tim W.
Madison Wisconsin

Hi Kirby
I just ran across your website. I'm 55 and have been a 3 chord acoustic strummer for 30 years. In the last year I've decided to devote more time and try to improve. I am learning electric, but I am encouraged by your style. I love the runs and such between chords and I'm a classic country enthusiast. I learn a lot by watching the hands. I have a good sense of rhythm and I sense when a chord change is coming. I am just learning to use scales and read music.

I realize I won't be a lead player or likely play in a band of any kind. I just want to make music and have it be more fun. The example of "Just A Girl I Used To Know" and "The Race Is On" are great examples of what I want to achieve. I've begun learning bar chords and the CAGED system. It's just a lot. I need some help. I will continue to visit your site and maybe I'll purchase some examples. I may have you break down a song later. Thank you. I'm very encouraged by your site.

Hey there are you?
Pretty alright from what I've seen so far. I got to say that I rarely if ever take the time to reach out to people via this "interweb" thing, but I have been so totally blown away by some of your stuff that I just feel compelled to write and tell you how incredibly impressed I am with your playing and interpretations of these songs!

The vast repertoire you have is just incredible, and I really really enjoy the humor with which you play and sing. I've viewed tons of your demos, and when I got a few bucks will definitely get a couple of your tutorials just to try and support the cause as it were.

I'm a bit of a hack guitar guy, and I've only recently decided I'm not satisfied with my "hack" status and want to improve, so it was through searching different lessons etc. that I found your site. I'm a 48 year old single dad of a 12 year old, so between work and responsibilities, there is not a lot of time, but I am in a little acoustic duo thing, and am getting into going to some local jam your vast knowledge is going to prove priceless.

Anyways thanks again...keep it up...and I just fricken love how you always seem to have this little self deprecating laugh at the end of a you aren't quite sure if it was ok...well let me tell you...they are GREAT, but keep laughing, cause every time you do, I just laugh along as well. You have really made my day a couple yeah...Great stuff man...
Sincerely a fellow Canadian
Steven H.

Thanks folks for all of your support. Kirby

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