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Stacys Mom Tab
By Fountains Of Wayne

Stacys Mom Tab below - Demo Only - Full Tutorial is 11 min 58 sec

Stacys Mom Tab Tab

This song was written by two members of Fountains Of Wayne, an American Rock band. The song was released in 2003 as a single and did well worldwide, breaking the top 40 in many countries and peaked at #3 on the US Billboards Pop chart. The music video has quite a few references to the group "The Cars".

The is a great tune for the acoustic except for me personally the chorus is too high, so I have to head south at that point in the song. Near the end, the song does a key chage to C for the lead break which fits well and at that point it's much easier to sing. Download the Stacys Mom Tab on this page for the chords.

A great song called Stacys Mom. Visit the official Fountains Of Wayne site here.

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