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Johnny Cash In Prison
How Long Was He In The Slammer?

Johnny Cash in Prison

So what's the truth about Johnny Cash in prison? Many questions have been asked such as:

  • how long did johnny cash spend in prison?
  • what was johnny cash in prison for?
  • did johnny cash spend time in prison? ... well keep reading.

You'll discover that the answer to just how long the man in black spent behind bars just may surprise you.

We all know that throughout his entire career the man in black had developed an image. Afterall, you need talent, an image and some good ole marketing to be successful in country music.

Back in the early days, John had a reputation for being a bit of a bad boy with the law. Fact is, when people ask "how long did johnny cash spend in jail", it's an automatic assumption that Johnny Cash did jail time. He did spend time in prison, but not as long as you might think.

How Long Was Johnny Cash In Prison For?

I have to say in all the time I was growing up and learning guitar in the mid to late 60's, I knew who Johnny Cash was .. and later I learned who "The Man In Black" was .. that was the image that set him apart from everyone else.

But I also thought that he did time in prison for some crime(s). Truth is, he never did. To answer the question how long was johnny cash in jail, the answer is 7. He spent one nighters in jail on seven different occasions, but unlike Merle Haggard, who did do time in the slammer, Johnny Cash never did any hard time.

Johnny Cash In The Slammer Performing

He did perform for inmates at three different prisons ... and two of those performances led to a pair of successful live albums, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (1968) and Johnny Cash at San Quentin (1969).

In 1972 he performed in Sweden at the Österåker Prison for the inmates there.

So now you know the answers to those two burning questions, "did Johnny Cash do time in prison?" and "how long was Johnny Cash in jail for?" The answer to both is he did one nighters in jail, not prison.

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