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How To Play Wild World
By Cat Stevens

Welcome to this free lesson on how to play Wild World. This is one of my favorite Cat Stevens songs. The free instructional tutorial below will take you thru this lesson on how I play this classic on the acoustic, but I'd suggest you also read thru the text here on this page because it will compliment the video tutorial.

Wild World - Full Tutorial is 7 min 43 sec

The Chords for how to play Wild World

The Wild World chords are:

Am - D - G - C - Cmaj7 - F- Dm - E or E7 or both

The Strumming Pattern

I sometimes like to use a dn dn up dn up -(chord change) dn up dn up dn up (chord change) or annother pattern is to simply chop and muffle the first two downstrokes as the video indicates .. so your choice on this one.

Wild World Tabs Pattern # 1

When you sing the last line of the verse while on the G Chord, play the last 3 strings twice with 2 downstrokes ... then play the D string on the 3rd with the G and B strings open for 2 downstrokes ... then play the D string on the 2nd fret with the same open G and B strings for 2 more downstrokes ... and quickly do a run on the top string G note on the 3rd fret .. followed by and open A string, then the B note (A string on the 2nd fret) and the C note (A string on the 3rd fret)


Picking Pattern # 2

This run come right after the firt line in the chorus "Oooh Baby Baby Its A Wild World" .. play the B string on the 1st fret .. followed by an open B string ... followed by the G streing on the 2nd fret ... then an open G .. then the D string at the 3rd fret, 2nd fret and open ... and finnaly the C note on the A string 3rd fret and the G note top string 3rd fret as you switch to the G chord.


The 3rd picking pattern

This pattern is also in the chorus on the line "Its Hard To Get By Just Upon A Smile" when you'll want to play 2 downstroke on the G note (top string 3rd fret) followed by an open A string and back to the G note for 1 stroke ... then 2 downstrokes on the C note (A string 3rd fret) followed by an open A string and then the G note on the top string once more ... and then you're back on the C Chord.


As I mention in the video, you can chop up the verses if you want to as well as using the edge of your right hand to muffle the strings a bit when you strum this. Also. you have a few quick stops immediately after you play that 2nd picking pattern in the last few chrouses of the song.

And that's how you can play Wild World on guitar by Cat Stevens. Feel free to Tweet this page out to friends.

A great song called Wild World as recorded by Cat Stevens. Visit the official Cat Stevens site here.

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