How To Play Whats Your Name
by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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How To Play Whats Your Name

Welcome to my page about how to play Whats Your Name by Lynyrd Skynyrd. In the right hand menu below youll also find a free lyrics and tab for this song.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is a southern rock band who began their musical career back in 1964 from their home base of Jacksonville Fl. The name of the original band was changed a few times from 1964-1970 when they settled on the name Lynyrd Skynyrd.

It's pronounced Leonard Skinnerd after a school teacher Leonard Skinner, who has since passed away. He was against long hair on guys in those early high school days.

The band got their break in Atlanta in 1973 and were signed to a record deal. Their first breakthrough was Freebird which peaked at #13 on the charts and that shortly followed by Sweet Home Alabama, which made it to #8.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Deadly Plane Crash Oct 1977

After a few days of their release of their 2nd album "Street Survivors" in Oct 1977, a chartered plane the band was flying in ran out of fuel and crashed just short of a small landing strip in Gillsburg, Mississippi.

Both pilots, 3 band members and the road manager were killed on impact and the other band members suffered injuries. The band reunited nearly 10 years later with Ronnie Van Zandts younger brother Johnny, taking lead vocals.

This song, "Whats Your Name", peaked at #13 in 1978 and hails from the album "Street Survivors". The album cover near the top of this page was the original cover, but after the plane crash, it was changed to the one below where the fire was removed in favor of black.

How To Play Whats Your Name by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kirby Style

What you'll need for chords in this one is a C, C#, D, G, A, and an E. As you'll see in the intro, it starts on C and slides up from C to C# to D.

My lead break on this song is more of a shuffle strum and not too much string bending as is going on in the original recording. But what I am playing is fully covered in the full instructional tutorial from the link below.

Whats Your Name - Demo Only - Full Tutorial is 16 min 35 sec

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How To Play Rhythm For Whats Your Name

How To Play Whats Your Name Little Girl

There are three different patterns you can choose when playing this one. A steady up and dn, all downstrokes or play an upstroke when you do the hammer-on chords, which is the one Im using mostly in the demo.

But its your call. Downstrokes is the easiest to start with .. then you can experiment.

I hope you found this how to play Whats Your Name by Lynyrd Skynyrd page useful and informative.


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Free Tab For
What's Your Name