How To Play Still The One
By Orleans

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Larry Hoppen Orleans

On this page learn how to play Still The One by Orleans page, I'll explain how I play this great tune on the acoustic. Check out the resources here and grab some free tabs further down on this page.

Lead vocalist and founding member Larry Hoppen just passed away on 24th July 2012 at the age of 61. You can't forget his high vocal range, especially on this song. R.I.P. Larry and my condolances to your family.

Still The One was recorded and released back in 1976 and peaked at #5 for the band Orleans. A democratic House Of Representative by the name of John Hall was co-writer on this song and had to ask the George Bush camp to stop using the song during a 2004 political campaign because they did not have Hall's permission to use the song at political events.

How To Play Still The One By Orleans Chords

I play this one with drop D tuning and with a capo on the 2nd fret. This puts it in the original key of E, but I'd prefer to play this in the D chord structure. The chords you'll need are D, G, A, A7, Bm, E, C, a B note on the A with the B string on the 3rd.

Also there is a section where the bottom string is played on the 7th and the B and G strings on the 9th. This chord is in the middle and near the end of the song when the rhythm pattern changes.

Still The One - Demo Only - Full Tutorial is 18 min

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Strumming Tips For How To Play Still The One By Orleans

Still The One Orleans

The rhythm for most of the song is a steady dn-up-dn-up-dn-up etc with a slide into the D chord to start and then a hammer on onto the G string on the 4th fret.

The G chord also has a hammer on taking place on the D string on the 2nd fret. You'll see a quick slide from the G chord in drop D to this note. The change is fast. On the A chord you can hammer on using D string on the 4th fret.

The pattern changes right after the break and near the end. What I play here is a dn-dn-up-dn-up on the count of 6 and then repeat as you slide from the D chord up to that 7th and 9th fret described above. This 6 count pattern is also used on the C chord and the B note chord. On the last A chord you can use all downstrokes.

Songs By Orleans
How To Play Still The One Picking

All I can really say about this part is that Im not trying to follow the picking segment that is on the album. Mainly because there is harmony notes going on and because it's a challenge to play rhythm and play either part at the same time. So the section here is improvised and is explained in the full tutorial.

I hope you found this how to play Still The One by Orleans page informative and useful.

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Free Tab For
Still The One