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How To Play Green River by CCR

This page on songs by CCR how to play Green River is in the making ... but until it's complete, below are the tutorials I have created so far on songs by CCR.

Green River is a very popular song written by John Fogerty of CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and hit the American airwaves in July 1969. A bit later the album of the same name was released, the bands second album release of the year.

John Fogerty used to spend some vacation time in this are of Northern California known as Putah Creek. Because of all the algea in the water that turned it green, the creek was also known as the Green River.

Because the song makes references to things one would do and find along a river, it makes sense the song was written for this area. It has been reported the song was named after a syrup bottle label, but Im sure I believe that reference.

The song Green River, like many CCR songs, peaked at #2 on the US charts. Country super group Alabama did a cover of the song in 1982 for their Mountain Music album.

How To Play Green River CCR
Kirby Style

A simple song to play chord wise with only an E, E7, C and A required. The challenge comes in singing this one because the vocal range of John Fogerty. So prepare yourself. If you find it too high you can either tune the guitar down a 1/2 or full step, or put a capo on the 2nd fret and sing it low. I say a capo because singing this low in standard pitch sounds a bit odd.

As you'll notice in my demo there is a lot of slides taking place all throughtout each verse and a main picking section. These are fully explained in the full instructional tutorial.

Green River - Demo Only - Full Tutorial is 25 min 57 sec

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How To Play Rhythm For Green River

Quite a bit of space within the verse is dedicated to slides, but during the singing section you can get by with a steady up and down rhythm pattern. Avoid any form of bass note strumming because this will turn it into a country sounding song ... and that isnt what you want. Grab the free tab in the left menu.

I hope you found this how to play Green River by CCR page useful and informative.

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