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How To Play Dont Think Twice Its Alright
By Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Singing Dont Think Twice

Welcome to this how to play Dont Think Twice Its Alright by Bob Dylan page.

Below you'll find my Dont Think Twice Its Alright chords I use for this classic easy listening folk song by Bob Dylan.

The tab for this song is in the upper left of this page.

In the demo below you'll notice that I'm not fingerpicking this song as most people do. Just to show you another way of playing this song. Lyrics to this song are also further down this page.

Bob Dylan wrote this song back in 1962 but admits the melody came from a song that was written a few years earlier by a folksinger named Paul Clayton. Clayton commited suicide at age 36 back in 1967.

Dylan even used a few lines from Claytons song, with a slight change here and there.

The song has been covered by many many artists including Peter Paul and Mary, Waylon Jennings, John Mayer and many others.

How To Play Dont Think Twice Its Alright
Kirby Style

As you'll notice in my demo, I'm playing this song with a capo on the 4th fret and I'm in the chord structure of C. Other chords in this song are B, Am, F, G, B, D7 and a C7. Download the free tab below.

Rhythm Pattern For Dont Think Twice Its Alright

Bob Dylan On Johnny Cash Performing Dont Think Twice Its Alright

I play this with a simple note dn-up-dn-up-dn-up pattern, where "note" is the bass note of the chord you're on. Many players fingerpick this one, but fingerpicking is a skill in and of itself.

So for the non-fingerpickers out there, you can strum this one and get a good effect for a decent cover.

I hope you found this how to play Dont Think Twice Its Alright by Bob Dylan useful and informative.

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