Amos Lee Dreamin Lyrics

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On this page you'll find the Amos Lee Dreamin lyrics. This song is found on the Mar 2005 album entitled Amos Lee. The song was never released as a single.

Amos Lee Dreamin Lyrics

My soul is as open as the sky
Often time it's just as blue
People tell me I need to keep on dreamin'
That's just - what I'm - gonna do

Now everybody - wanna treat me like a house fly
Turn me around, and tell me to shoo.
Wanna tell me, keep on dreamin'.
That's just - what I'm - gonna do

'Cause every moral - has a story
Every hand needs a glow
Sometimes it's full of glory
Oh but mostly - it's for the love
It's the love - Mmmmmm - It's the love - It's the love that pulls me through

'Cause when they tell me - keep on dreamin'
That's just - what I'm - I'm gonna - that's just what I'm - gonna do.

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