How I Can Help You Dramatically Improve
Your Rhythm Skills

About Me

I will teach you how to improve your rhythm skills to s point where you can take any song and make it sound much fuller than just playing it with a single acoustic guitar. I do this by helping you pick out parts within the song by other guitars and sometimes other instruments, and to blend those into your rhythm.

I do this with all types of songs including classic rock artists and bands, country artists and bands, blues, bluegrass, Irish songs, Christmas songs, Vegas tunes and more. On this site currently in 2014, there are over 1200 tutorials available and counting.

A Bit About Me

My name is Kirby and I'm originally from the east coast of Canada from a small town in Nova Scotia of about 1100 people on the South Shore. If you blink while passing thru, you'd miss it.

What I enjoy doing is helping folks improve their skills on the acoustic guitar. I love learning new songs and teaching others. I'm self taught since the age of 7 and I played in a 3-pc band since age 14 and did pubs and bars as a single act for a number of years. I also played in an International Dance and Show band in Germany for several years in the early to mid 1990's.

Besides guitar, I've played bass, drums, fiddle and banjo. I don't read music and have never taken any lessons, so I've had to rely on my ear to guide me in my rhythm skills. I consider myself to be an average singer and my strengths I believe are in my rhythm arrangement. I also retired from the Air Force in the summer of 2007 after serving nearly 25 years I currently reside in Edmonton Ab, Canada.

What To Do Next

You'll find some free lessons near the top of the homepage as well as free tutorials so you can see my method of instruction ... explore those areas.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me here.

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